Well-established engineering and management consultancy, Parsons & Lumsden pride ourselves in our attention to detail, high standard of work ethic and our promise to deliver within a good turnaround time.

With expertise  in heating, ventilation & air conditioning, wet services, fire protection, lifts, compressed air and gas services we ensure that every possibility is covered and that only the best results are delivered.

We have been in the building sector for many years, with valuable experience in various sectors. This is including but not limited to: retail, laboratories, industrial, commercial, residential, health care, hospitality and recreational developments.

Parsons & Lumsden have the expertise to design first-rate mechanical systems, with keen focus on efficiency and reliability contributing to a green building design. Our design teams work together to achieve the finest detail on each and every project that we are involved in.

Nigel King

Nigel King, owner of Parsons and Lumsden, is a Professional Engineer with over 35 years’ experience in the consulting industry. Nigel is thoroughly experienced in building services, but he specialises in HVAC and Integrated Energy Management. He has ability to lead multi-disciplinary services teams in delivering projects on time - and to the highest quality. Nigel is also a member of the Federation of Hospital Engineers and has extensive experience in the Healthcare Sector.